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Community and Fellowship

Community and Fellowship at Zion!

The Zion Fellowship Ministry is an integral part of the congregational life of the church.  Communication and fellowship are fundamental necessities for the church to grow and prosper.  This growth occurs through publications, conversation, and gatherings.

Much of the budget for the Fellowship Ministry is used to purchase publications for the members of the congregation.  "Christ in Our Home," the monthly Lutheran magazine, is the major publication paid for from the money budgeted to the board.


Every Thursday between 9 and 11:00am, Pastor Erika hosts Caffeinated Conversations at FatCup Coffee (37 Fletcher Ave.) This is a casual gathering, where conversation happens over a variety of topics, with no specific agenda. 

Conversation with fellow members also occurs during Coffee and Conversation before and after our Sunday service.  This is an important part of Sunday mornings.  The Fellowship Ministry prepares the coffee, orders the donuts, and arranges for hosts each Sunday.  We thank all the volunteers who serve and clean up after Coffee and Conversation.  Your help and commitment are very much appreciated.

The Fellowship Ministry is responsible for the Rally Day Picnic.  This was held at the church this year with approximately 94 people attending.  Thank you to all those who helped with serving and cleaning up.

It takes the entire congregation to make the weekly Coffee and Conversation and the special gatherings a success.  Thank you for volunteering and participating.

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