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Ministries at Zion

Welcome to Zion!

“God’s work. Our hands. Sunday” began as a movement that includes doing good and practical things for our local and global neighbors. As church, we are the Body of Christ in the world. We tend to the feeding of the hungry, the clothing of the naked, the healing of the sick, and offering hope to the hopeless.


365 days a year, ministry hums along in homes and places of work in our daily vocations of relationships, work, and volunteerism. Ministry hums along congregationally as relationships are built through groups that do fun things like hiking, gardening, or attending plays; and groups that do hard things like visiting the home-centered, working on the property, or serving funeral meals. Ministry hums along in worship in white robes and street clothes with many people volunteering each Sunday—more when the choir is singing. 

There is something for everyone as Zion’s many hands do God’s work. Take a look around the website. Come and see in person. Find a place to help with the good and the practical while connecting with people and a place to call your church home as we all seek to hear God’s voice in the midst of our lives.

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