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Welcome to Zion!

Welcome to Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church!


Zion is a neighborhood and a metro-wide congregation of people who come from two blocks away and from over 20 miles away for all kinds of reasons. Our goal is to figure out together what it means to be people of faith in these times as we are set free by God’s promises made in Jesus Christ.

Who We Are


Zion is a group of people claiming our flaws and the fierce love of God with a good dose of laughter along the way. We are people of all ages, newborn to elderly. We are people who are wealthy and poor and everything in between. We are people from across the political spectrum. We are people entirely new to Christianity and we are historical members whose families have worshiped with Augustana for generations.

What We Do


We worship reverently, we sing loudly, we walk humbly, we think deeply, we serve locally and globally, we give money and time abundantly, we rest frequently, we follow Jesus faithfully, we doubt simultaneously, we hope defiantly, we disappoint regularly, we mess things up royally, we receive God’s forgiveness daily, we start over confidently, and we make friends wholeheartedly.

When We Meet


Worship is every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Sunday learning, classes for children (and adults?), meets following services September through April. Certain holidays are excepted, so contact Zion’s office at 319-235-7045 for up-to-date information.

What to Expect


Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church tethers into a rich worship tradition while figuring out what it means to be people of faith in these times. Expect an accessible reverence in worship during which:


Some come to worship simply to heal and find hope;
Some come to celebrate life and God along with the music;
Some come to receive faith and forgiveness through communion bread and wine;
Some come to connect to sacred mystery through the ancient language of faith;
Some come to hear a good word for today;
Some bring their children and the sounds that come with them; and
Some bring their frail parents who have trouble hearing sound.
Come and worship and hear God’s voice in the thick of it all.

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